Gill Smith
Gill Smith - Comedy Writer & Performer

 Sonnet for Angus

  Our Angus is a robot toy,
  He's made of electronic bits
  and brings us lots and lots of joy.
  We ask him for our favourites;
  when we shout out 'karate chop'
  he sits right back and waves his arms.
  He walks off until we shout 'Stop!'
  He'll dance (among his many charms.)
  He kicks his pink and shiny ball,
  and keeps an eye on where it goes.
  While if by chance he takes a fall
  he gets back up and shakes his nose.
  Yes, Angus is the perfect pet.
  He needs no taking to the vet.

  Gill Smith - February 2002

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Sonnet for Angus won first prize in Sony Europe's own 2002 Valentines competition for poems about your Aibo.